Duwamish Cohousing Values

Community:  We are committed to building community, sharing resources, and nurturing a sense of neighborliness balanced with privacy and peaceful solitude.  We intend to create a community where we can belong for a lifetime.

Diversity:  We are committed to creating a diverse cohousing community. We work towards diversity in age, race, ethnicity, income level, sexual orientation, physical ability, interests, etc.  We respect and support the uniqueness and growth of each member.  We treasure and respect children/young people and we are creating a safe, enjoyable, and supportive environment for them.

Land/Environment:  We are entrusted with the long-term environmental health of our land.  It is our intent to consider and balance the diverse needs of our community with those of the other natural inhabitants.  Our community should serve as a place of urban refuge and function within the web of the surrounding environment.

Decisions:  We practice a consensus based decision making process founded on mutual respect, trust, listening, cooperation, creative collaboration, and effective conflict resolution for the good of all. New members are expected to read On Conflict and Consensus in order to better understand our decision-making process. Also available online at www.ic.org/pnp/ocac/.

Group Activities:  We are a community in which all residents share the tasks and pleasures of creating and maintaining the physical and social aspects of our common lives. For example, we choose to schedule regular group meals and jointly honor life passages.

The Larger Neighborhood:  We are committed to working cooperatively with our surrounding neighbors and being a resource to the larger community.