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The following steps are legal requirements based on our condominium declarations. While most steps can be accomplished in any order, we suggest you become familiar with the documents in the resale packet early in the process, as those documents may give you some context for understanding our current discussions in business and committee meetings.

1.Attend an initial tour of the community.  Please email to arrange a tour.

2.Attend an interview with a small group of Community Members. The interview is an opportunity to determine if we are the right community for you and to ask questions about cohousing.

3.Perspective Members are expected to read On Conflict and Consensus in order to better understand our decision-making process. (link to PDF)  Also available online at

4.Check out and review the resale packet (link to resale packet page & docs), which contains our condominium declarations and other legal documents.
5.Attend two community business meetings. Business Meetings are held on Sundays from 3:30-6:30pm once a month. In lieu of attending a second business meeting, you may choose to attend a Committee meeting.  Our current committees are: Facilities & Maintenance (F&M), Outreach, Grounds, Administration, Community Living Committee (CLC), and Finance. Each adult member is expected to contribute to community work.  Current schedule of meetings click here (link to calendar).

6.Attend a common meal or other social event. Please check the community calendar (link to calendar) for a current schedule of common meals and social events.  Diners are asked to sign up in advance (for meal planning purposes).  Please email to arrange to attend a common meal.

7.Write a statement discussing your interest in cohousing.  Be as creative as you like.  Please be sure to include what you think your strengths and weaknesses might be as a member of a cohousing community. Each adult in the purchasing household should complete a statement.  Children are encouraged to write their own statements as well.

8.Attend an Orientation to review our Condominium Declarations, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and to go over work expectations.  Please email to schedule your orientation.

9.Complete and return the Resale Certificate, indicating that you have received at your Orientation and read the legal documents.

10.Complete a Purchase and Sale agreement, including a mutually agreeable price. Please contact the seller when you are ready to take this step; they will schedule a meeting with you to sign the documents.

Important Documents:

Condominium Declarations (PDF)
Bylaws (PDF)
Rules & Regulations (PDF)
On Conflict and Consensus:  (PDF)